Interview with Alain Françon
Alain Françon is a renowned French theater director. He was the founder of the company "Le Théâtre Eclaté" in 1971 in Annecy, director of the National Center of dramatic art of Lyon and director of the national theatre of la Colline in Paris until the year 2010. He has directed Marivaux, Sade, Ibsen, Strindberg, O'Neill, Horvath and Brecht’s plays, as well as by contemporary authors such as Michel Vinaver (Les Travaux et les jours, Les Voisins), Enzo Cormann Noises, Palais Mascotte) and Marie Redonnet (Tir et Lir, Mobie M'diq). He did the text adaptation for Herculine Barbin (Mes souvenirs) and William Faulkner (Je songe au vieux soleil). Currently directs the performance of Les Gens by Edward Bonden, the Theatre national populaire in Villeurbanne.
Episode 1
Interview with Alain Françon
By Marlène Belilos
9:43 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 25.11.2013
Pierre Naveau