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Participants: Monica Cerutti, Ugo Perone, Marie-Hélène Brousse, Alfio Mastropaolo, Arianna Montorsi, Michele Roccato and Yves Vanderveken.
Chair and conversation: Miquel Bassols.
Comments: Domenico Cosenza.
Conclusions by Eric Laurent.
Established by Liliana Mauas, Laura Rizzo, Natalia Paladino and Maria Laura Tkach.

With the Presence of Miquel Bassols and Angelina Harari.
Moderated by Gustavo Stiglitz and Luis Tudanca.
Established by Liliana Mauas and Marilina Bujarchuk.

By Hélène Bonnaud, Philippe de Georges, Sophie Marret-Maleval, Hervé Castanet, Carolina Koretzky.
Established by Soledad Peñafiel, Claudia Vilela, Adriana Campos and Nicolás Landriscini.

Participants: Iván Ruíz, Huiwai Chu, Ana Longoni, Dora García, Rosa María Calvet, Enric Berenger and Vicente Palomera.
Established by Alejandro Velázquez.

Participants: Florencia Shanahan and Susana Mc Feely.
Established by Florencia Shanahan, Linda Clarke and Gali Weinstein.

Lacanian action in Act


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