Conference of the ACF-CAPA in Lille: Psychoanalysis in the Era of the Net
"When one speaks of the net, one speaks of culture and communication. If the net is the biggest characteristic of our modernity, what place can psychoanalysis take in this context? The place that paves the way for a new clinic, the clinic of the net. The Internet is then discovered as an incredible tool, as a treatment of the Real. For this reason, we must take an interest in it, in order to build an innovative clinic, listening to these modern young people connected with new symptoms; the many uses of the net always singular in the way each one can find their own mode of communication. * Radio Lacan would like to thank Darchy Guillaume and Agathe Sultan for the recording and the papers of the Conference.
Episode 1
Introduction: "Lacan's Schemes and the Concept of Network"
By Damien Guyonnet
45:51 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 26.02.2016
Episode 2
The Network and the Real in the 21st Century, 'le Pas-tout partout'
By Damien Guyonnet
64:40 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 26.02.2016
Episode 3
Conclusion: "The Clinic of the Net. The Analytical Discourse and the Logic of Hyper-Modernity"
By Damien Guyonnet
13:05 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 26.02.2016
Pierre Naveau