NEL's Seminar of Lacanian Formation "Body, Image and Language: Their Knottings". Second Session
The work axis formalised under the name NEL's Seminar of Lacanian Formation (SFL) is based on the different ways to knot the body, image and language. The SFL has as orientation and quilting points the 7th Enapol: "The Empire of Images" as well as the Xth Congress of the WAP: "The Unconscious and the Speaking Body”. Philippe Lacadée and Marcus André Vieira -former Presidents of the NEL- are in charge of the epistemic dimension of this Seminar. The second meeting took place on May 9th 2015, with the presence of Juan Fernando Pérez, former President of the NEL. On this ocassion the question was: What knottings between body, image and language does the concept of phantasm allow for?
Episode 1
NEL's Seminar of Lacanian Formation
36:06 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 09.06.2015
Pierre Naveau