ELP - Basque Country. Conference organised by the Seminario del Campo Freudiano in San Sebastián: "Psychic Repercussions of the Digital Era".
Within the framework of the Cycle of Conferences organised in San Sebastian by the Seminar of the Freudian Field under the theme "A look from Psychoanalysis on Current Issues", the conference we share below, took place. Our era, taken over by the internet and social networks, with the consequent transformation of the landscape of everyday life and relations with others, is joined by a market economy that makes use of our dependence to sell its products more effectively. Our time and our space no longer belong to us. How can we think about this new paradigm from a psychical point of view? What is the contribution that psychoanalysis can make in our time?
Episode 1
By Dalila Arpin
62:07 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 10.05.2023
Pierre Naveau