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On May 19th 2016, the ACF-MAP organized an Inter-Cartels evening on the theme: "A love letter." Dalila Arpin, guest speaker of the ECF and national delegate of Cartels held a conference entitled "Stolen Love Letters": "What does a Woman Want?", the question that tormented Freud. But, "What is it a Woman Loves in a Man" is Lacan's teaching that enlightens it. The mystery of femininity is so enigmatic. For his part, the man is confronted with another issue. From there, we have the misunderstandings of love, however they do not prevent good encounters" Radio Lacan would like to thank Laurence Martin, member of the ACF-MAP, for recording this event.
Episode 1
Inter-Cartels Meeting of the ACF-MAP in Marseille. Conference: Stolen Love Letters
By Dalila Arpin
Established by: Liliana Redon
24:02 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 19.05.2016
Pierre Naveau