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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

For the last twenty years the EBP has commemorated this date with the rigor proper to psychoanalytic discourse. This will be present through various activities, such as the Councils meetings, the report by the Cartel of the Pass, the Clinical Conversation and -in what concerns pure psychoanalysis- the round table of the Pass. The preparatory text towards the XIth Congress, written by Marcus André Vieira (who besides being an AE in excercise is also the President of the Xth WAP Congress Rio 2016), is entitled “Subject, Object and Body: Who Speaks?". It is part of a Seminar delivered at the Rio de Janeiro Section of the EBP. Already in its first paragraph, "The Impact of Images and the Speaking Body", Marcus André points towards ENAPOL VII and opposes its title "The Empire of Images" to the "speaking body", designating the unconscious to be situated by the analyst in the current times of his practise. The XIth Congress of the EBP: “To Analyse the Parlêtre: How to Say It Well?" will be held on April 10-12 in Salvador de Bahia.
Marcus André Vieira is AE (Analyst of the School), Member of the EBP and the WAP. He is Doctor of Paris 8 University, Director of the ICP-RJ (Institute of Psychoanalytical Clinic in Rio de Janeiro) and President of the Digai-Mare Association. He was National Director of the EBP and President of the X Congress of the WAP: "the unconscious and the speaking body".
Gleuza Salomon is a member of the EBP and collaborates for Radio Lacan in Brazil.
Episode 1
By Marcus André Vieira
Author: Marcus André Vieira; Established by: Gleuza Salomon
11:28 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 30.03.2015
Pierre Naveau