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The Fairies, by Charles Perrault, is the least-known story among the ones we have discussed so far. Laure Naveau’s voice was the only thing missing in order to give it all its importance. But not just the voice... It is through two completely opposite sisters that the maternal ravage is condensed in a sharp tongue. The unloving mother cannot prevent one of the two daughters from finding support on the well-saying as a treatment for ravage. The daughter who, thanks to the fairy, says "pearls", can eventually become a pearl for a man! Laure Naveau is a psychoanalyst in Paris, AME, former AE (2004-2007), Member of the ECF and the WAP. She teaches at the Clinical Section of Paris-Ile de France. Edition: Vanessa Sudreau and Omaira Meseguer The child’s voice: Gaëtan
Episode 1
By Laure Naveau
Author: Laure Naveau
6:17 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 23.10.2014
Pierre Naveau