Radio Lacan

The question might seem strange, as an affirmative answer seems so obvious. But then again, why did Freud consider that, in psychoanalysis, healing comes in addition, as a sort of bonus, indicating by this that its essential operation is located elsewhere? And why would there be the slightest need of an analytical School if therapeutic problem-solving were the sole goal of the analytical experience? The Freudian notion of ‘interminable analysis’ points towards a paradigm proper to psychoanalysis. Through the production of a ‘unsolvable’ remainder, which is exactly what the paradigm ‘problem-solution’ can’t suffer, the analytical discourse proposes a way out of the contemporary discourses where the promotion of universal ‘remedies’ goes hand in hand with the rejection of singularity.
Episode 1
Does Analysis Solve Problems?
By Geert Hoornaert
82:33 minutes | Audio in English | Recorded 12.05.2017
Pierre Naveau