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The Colloquium of the EBP / ICP-ECF which is entitled "The Awakening of Adolescence. From Jouissance to Desire" was an event directing the work towards the theme of the 21st Meeting on Children and Adolescents to be held in November in San Pablo whose title is "Adolescence. the Age of Desire." On September 23rd and 24th 2016 this Colloquium took place during the "Exchange" EBP / ICP-ECF" with the presence of the parisian psychoanalyst Hélène Deltombe, the author of the book "Les enjeux d l'adolescence". She gave a conference entitled "Adolescence in Question" in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This round- table was coordinated by the psychoanalyst Fernando Coutinho and was chaired by Ana Lúcia Lutterback, Director of the EBP. Fernando Coutinho presents to Radio Lacan's audience the Colloquium of the EBP / ICP-ECF-Rio, and spoke about the international and national context, mostly on the topics refered to by Hélène Deltombe in her conference. We would like to thank Fernando Coutinho for his permission to transmit these activities on Radio Lacan, as well as to all those who collaborated in its organization. We would also like to thank the Library of the EBP- Rio for its responsibility for recording the Conference of Hélène Deltombe. Patricia Paterson and Jessica Nogueira, the librarian of the EBP / Rio, was responsible for the recording.
Episode 1
By Fernando Coutinho
Established by: Gleuza Salomon
2:36 minutes | Audio in French, Portuguese | Recorded 27.09.2016
Episode 2
Conference: "Adolescence in Question"
By Hélène Deltombe
Established by: Gleuza Salomon
46:21 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 26.09.2016
Pierre Naveau