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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

The work axis of the EBP-Minas Gerais during 2015 is "The Mother of Yesterday and of Today". What can be said on this theme from the perspective of the pluralization of the Names-of-the-Father? Under this topic a series of events are carried out including the conference "The Mother of Yesterday and of Today” delivered on July 25th by the current president of the SLP, Domenico Cosenza. The audience of Radio Lacan is invited to participate in this event thanks to the commentary of our colleague Antonio Beneti.
Episode 1
Commentary on the Conference by Domenico Cosenza
By Antônio Beneti
Established by: Gleuza Salomon
8:09 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 27.07.2015
Pierre Naveau