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Review of the Inaugural Conference of Luiz Fernando Carrijo da Cunha "The image on the perspective of the Real". It will take place will happen at de Clinical Section of Bahia-EBP. Célia Salles will give us a report of this inaugural class, and will ask a question to Luiz Fernando Carrijo da Cunha. He is a new AE, and the President of the EBP. We would like to thank Célia Salles for her collaboration.
Luiz Fernando Carrijo da Cunha is a psychoanalyst in Sao Paulo, member AME of the EBP/WAP; President of the EBP, Founding member of the Lacanian Centre of Research on Anxiety; member of the Council of the EBP-SP, AE in function nominated in 2014.
Célia Salles is physician and psychoanalyst, Director of the Bahia Section of the EBP, coordinator of the specialisation course Theory of Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation, at the Bahia Institute of Psychoanalysis, in association with the Bahia School of Medicine, Professor at the Bahia School of Medicine and Public Health.
Gleuza Salomon is member of the EBP and the WAP. Researcher for the Laboratory of Fundamental Psychopathology at the UFPR. She collaborates for Radio Lacan in Brazil.
Episode 1
Part 1
By Célia Salles
1:43 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 04.04.2015
Episode 2
Part 2
By Célia Salles
1:47 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 04.04.2015
Pierre Naveau