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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

We asked Maurizio Mazzotti to reflect on the Observatory which he coordinates a the School One ‘’Effects of contemporary segregation’’. The crucial importance of this phenomenon already foreseen by Jacques Lacan in the sixties, is presented by Maurizio Mazzotti from different angles, which clarify the impact that psychoanalysis is called upon to produce regarding the events of our time.
Maurizio Mazzotti is a psychoanalyst in Bologna, AME of the SLP and Member of the WAP, former President of the SLP at the time of its foundation. He is member of the Action Committee of the School One for the next Congress of the WAP, 2016 Rio. He is the Coordinator of the Observatory "Incidences of contemporary segregation". Laura Rizzo is a psychoanalyst in Rome, member of the SLP and the WAP Correspondent in Italy and member of Radio Lacan International Committee.
Episode 1

Author: Maurizio Mazzotti; Established by: Laura Rizzo
11:40 minutes | Audio in Italian | Recorded 01.01.1920
Pierre Naveau