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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

Elisa Alvarenga is a psychoanalyst, Msc in Philosophy (UFMG) and Doctor in Psychoanalysis (University of Paris 8). She is AME, member of the EBP and the WAP. Former AE for the period 2002-2005, and former President of FEPOL, she is currently member of the Commision for the Guarantee of the EBP. She is the EBP responsible for the Rio Congress 2016 at the Observatory of the School One: “Politics on autismo” chaired by Vilma Coccoz.
Gleuza Salomon is member of the EBP and the WAP. Researcher for the Laboratory of Fundamental Psychopathology at the UFPR. She collaborates for Radio Lacan in Brazil.
Episode 1
Interview with Elisa Alvarenga
Author: Elisa Alvarenga; Established by: Gleuza Salomon; Interviewer: Vilma Coccoz
8:14 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 10.03.2015
Pierre Naveau