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The Lacanian Orientation in 21st century

On december 2013, José Fernando Velásquez, AME and Vice-President of the Nueva Escuela Lacaniana, NEL, talked to the UnReal Report about “The real and the borromean link”. On that occasion he adressed the issue about the Real and the possibilities allowed by the topology and he explained about the inevitable encounter with the impossible. UnReal is the Newsreport of the Nueva Escuela Lacaniana, NEL, as a preparatory activity for the forthcoming IXth Congress of the W.A.P "A Real for the XXIst Century"
Episode 1
The real and the Borromean link
By José Fernando Velásquez
Established by: Ana Viganó
7:24 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 01.12.2013
Pierre Naveau