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It is always exciting to attend to the birth of an iniciative. In this interview-proposed by Nicolás Landriscini- we transmit the way in which our colleague Mariela Vitto constructed ‘’The Dutch workshop’’, with the assistance of a group of Freud and Lacan’s readers, and with the encouragement of J A Miller. A way of giving room to Psychoanalysis in Holland, with desire and rigour as a compass. ‘’The Dutch workshop’’is a seminar- workshop which takes place in Amsterdam and that is registered at the Popular University Jaques Lacan. Mariela Vitto is a psychoanalyst in Utrecht and in Amsterdam, member of the NLS and the WAP. Member of LATIGO (The Lacaniana Transatlantic of Research). Nicolás Landriscini is a psychoanalyst in Paris. Correspondent for Radio Lacan in Paris.
Episode 1
Interview with Mariela Vitto
By Nicolás Landriscini
19:03 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 30.12.2014
Pierre Naveau