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The Lacanian Orientation in 21st century

Daniel Cena interviews Vicente Palomera about the content of his last published book, "Pioneers of psychosis"; book that is not intended as a historical review- as Vicente Palomera points out- since psychosis is not a structure that could be influenced by history, unlike neuroses. If we think for example, of the book "Le Maître et l´hysterique" by Gérard Wajeman, where he sustains that the discourse of history has an impact on the hysterical symptom, in the sense that, the hysterical symptom, is built according to the way it is listened in each historical moment. Psychosis is as Lacan says a structure out of speech. What does change is the place given to psychosis at each moment of history. Throughout the interview Daniel Cena asks the author on various issues that the reading of the book suggests. Vicente Palomera is a psychoanalyst in Barcelona, AME, Member of the ELP and the WAP. Former AE (1999-2002). Teacher of the ICF. Author of several books and director of two collections, "Lacanian School of psychoanalysis" and "Mind, Health, Society". Daniel Cena is a psychoanalyst in Barcelona, Member of the ELP and the WAP.
Episode 1
Interview with Vicente Palomera about his book "Pioneers of Psychosis"
By Daniel Cena
37:14 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 10.10.2014
Pierre Naveau