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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

Gustavo Stiglitz leads us after the traces of Tom Thumb and gives us a ride around the labyrinths of Perrault's story, highlighting essential questions: "who is the mother that hesitates?" which is the one who can be the partner of a horrible OGRE- whose ultimate pleasure is eating children-? How to understand the magnificent description of a child who "spoke little, but listened too much?" Tom Thumb finds an escape leaning on a simple stool... Hard not to think about the escabeau valued by Lacan in speaking of Joyce... Gustavo Stiglitz is psychoanalyst in Buenos Aires, AME of the EOL and member of the WAP. He is a member of the Executive Directorate of the IOM and Coordinator of the new Cereda network in Argentina. (International network for studies and research on the child in the analytical discourse). Children’s Voices: Gaétan and Mathilda
Episode 1
Tom Thumb by Gustavo Stiglitz
13:40 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 27.09.2014
Pierre Naveau