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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

On 19th of June, 2019, Adrián R. Price was the guest of the NY Flag for an attentive reading of the initial paragraphs of the Lacan Report on Seminar XIX. The talk presented by María Cristina Aguirre and Jeff Erbe, and was held in the main conference hall of the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis and was recorded by Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff. The event was organized in collaboration with Lacanian Compass. The text of the Report in Jacques Lacan, Autres écrits, [Paris, 2001], p. 547–52.
Episode 1
Attentive reading of J. Lacan's report of his 19th Seminar ... Ou pire 1971-72
By Adrian Price
64:29 minutes | Audio in English | Recorded 19.06.2019
Pierre Naveau