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On the 29th of April at the EOL headquarters in Buenos Aires, we had the pleasure of having five colleagues from the WAP and the School One speak about the argument of the XII Congress of the WAP. This argument, the result of a collective elaboration, will allow the whole of the WAP to start working on: "The Dream. Its Interpretation and Its Use in Lacanian Treatment " Silvia Baudini and Fabián Naparstek, directors of the XII Congress of the WAP, coordinated the activity in which they presented Angelina Harari, President of the WAP, Jésus Santiago, Secretary of the Bureau of the WAP, and Silvia Salman, Member of the Board of the WAP. Radio Lacan takes this opportunity to share with its listeners the presentation of our colleague Jesús Santiago.
Episode 1
Clinic of Impossible Awakening. Dream, Eternity and Time
By Jesús Santiago
15:52 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 29.04.2019
Pierre Naveau